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Trump: Campaign Promises and Priorities

Innauguration (2)

During the campaign, Trump issued a 10-point plan for overhauling the immigration system. The plan focused on building a wall along the US-Mexican border and other enforcement measures, but Trump also called for a reduction of legal immigration and new “immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first.” Based on his stump speeches and the positions he took during the primary and general election debates, Trump is expected to focus on the following priorities:

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High-Skilled Immigration Policy Under President Trump

Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election has upended the political and policy landscape for immigration. It will still fall to Congress to make substantial changes to the immigration system, but the Trump administration will have authority to reshape the lives of hundreds of thousands of unlawful immigrants and influence the ability of US companies to access and retain highly-skilled foreign workers. This paper explores how the Trump administration will approach the issue of immigration and analyses how administrative reforms will impact US companies.

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How Business Really Works: Highlights of 2016 – Interviews

In this special podcast of our highlights of 2016, we hear from Dr Duff Watkins, Steve Schmidt – Vice Chairman Public Affairs at Edelman, Former U.S. Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich, Matt Bai – National Political Columnist at Yahoo! News, Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval and Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

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