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Highlights: Future of Special Operations & Industry Innovation

Earlier this year, AmCham held a unique event in Perth on the Australian Army’s elite Special Operations Command and the future of industry innovation. The event also served as the launch of WA’s first-ever defence magazine – WA DEFENCE REVIEW.  Here is the highlights reel from this fantastic event!

Plus, don’t miss our next event held in conjunction with WA DEFENCE REVIEW in Perth on Tuesday 22 August, which will focus on Closing the Gap: The Future of Defence and Indigenous Employment




Why Your Healthcare is So Hard: 10 Good Reason$

- Why politicians care about your health − really!

- Why somebody, somewhere, always has to pay

- You want many things when you’re healthy, but when you’re not….

“Nobody knew health care could be so complicated” proclaimed President Trump. (Except Obama and any person who ever bought health insurance.) “It’s unbelievably complex,” Trump added.

Whether in the USA or Australia, healthcare is hard!health 2

But why is healthcare (i.e. the organised provision of medical care to individuals) so complex? What makes healthcare so hard?

To find out I interviewed, Andrew Wiltshire, SeniorDirector of Corporate Affairs for Medtronic (ANZ).  He’s a healthcare lobbyist in a global role. He deals with politicians and government all the time. (listen to him here on the AmCham podcast: Why Healthcare is so Hard)

He gave me 10 Good Reasons why healthcare is hard. Continue reading

Donald Trump’s ‘massive’ tax plan to ‘benefit’ Australia, says Mike Pence

During US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Australia last weekend, he met with chief executives of Westfield, Macquarie Group, Lendlease and Austal. After the meeting Pence said, “Rest assured, our tax reform will make the strongest economy in the world stronger still, and it will benefit the American people, American workers, and it will benefit the economy of Australia.”

Mike Pence, centre, attends a business listening session with Australian and US companies. AP

Mike Pence, centre, attends a business listening session with Australian and US companies. AP

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Study to mark US role as Australia’s best investment pal

us aust investmentUS business executives are backing a study of American investment in Australia to help draw attention to the strength of US-Australia ties after years of focus on Australia’s growing links with China.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Australia and the US Studies Centre in Sydney yesterday announced plans for a research project to look at investment flows between Australia and the US.

Launching the study in Sydney yesterday, AmCham chief executive Niels Marquardt said two-way investment between Australia and the US was “the strongest and most enduring one this country has”. Continue reading

100 Days of Turmoil

100 days after Donald J Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, everyone is looking to the White House to see just how successfully he has kept his promises. Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump guaranteed to “make America great again”, and now he has been working tirelessly to implement an ‘America First’ focus into his policies. But just how successful has he been in making his ambitious agenda a reality? Continue reading