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59 – Dr David Smith – Deciphering US Politics – AmCham Podcast

Dr David Smith

Today we turn to politics, in particular, US politics.

Joining us today for a special extended episode is Australia’s ‘go-to guy’ for deciphering US politics Dr David Smith, Academic Director and Senior Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy, United States Studies Centre.

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58 – Allan Parker – Negotiating Magic – Would-Could-Might – AmCham Podcast

Allan Parker

Negotiating, it’s something everyone does every day.

Our guest today, Allan Parker, shares three little words that are the key to negotiating better while having more productive conversations while also unlocking our potential.

Would, could, might.

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57- Sue Langley – Positive Leadership – AmCham Podcast

On today’s podcast you’ll explore a roadmap for developing positive leadership underpinned by positive psychology, how leaders can become positive energizers and catalysts for organisational change and strategies leaders can employ to create a positive culture and thriving performance in individuals, teams and the whole organisation with our host Michael Schoettler and his guest Sue Langley.

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55 – Andre Alphonso – Personal Presence – AmCham Podcast 2017

Andre Alphonso, Ariel Group Australia

Are you interested in learning dramatic techniques to influence, motivate and inspire others? Our podcast guest today, Andre Alphonso of The Ariel Group Australia will give you insights on where these techniques can be drawn from.

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