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Femeconomy Promotes Gender Equality within Businesses

Femeconomy is trailblazing a new way to spread awareness about gender equality within the workplace. Femeconomy only promotes and supports brands that have 30% or more of women on their Board of Directors or are 50% female owned. Women are the majority of the consumer market, as they make 85% of decisions relating to purchasing, so it only makes sense to have the minds of women in the office in powerful positions. Continue reading

Female Leaders in the Spotlight – Susan Jennings, AbbVie

Director of HR – AbbVie ANZsusan jennings abbvie

Throughout her career, Susan Jennings has always had an instinct for an opportunity and where there were barriers she would always find another way.

In another life, she might have been an Air Force fighter pilot, or a professional cricketer – she certainly had those ambitions.  However, access to opportunity when she was starting out was often limited by the fact she was female. How things have changed in the 30 years Susan has been in the workforce! Continue reading