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CSIRO builds bridge between Australia and the US, innovation and business

This is an edited transcript of a speech given by Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO, at UCLA to mark 2017 G’Day USA celebrations on 28 January.

Marshall Larry

Like many of you, I lived in the United States for a very long time, 26 years since 1988. People at Stanford University fundamentally changed my perspective of both science and business – essentially changed the course of my life. It gave me a very simple single purpose: to build a bridge. And I thought it was a bridge between Australia and the US, but it’s a more profound bridge than that. It’s a bridge fundamentally between science, deep tech science innovation, and business. Or how the science touches people’s lives through impact. It also taught me how to navigate across the valley of death, which sits like a yawning chasm under every start‑up. And how to successfully deliver that impact from science to industry, society and the environment.

If you’ve read the hundred-year-old legislation that first led to the creation of CSIRO, it’s little wonder that I was so drawn to lead this great organisation, for that is exactly its purpose. To use science to solve problems to benefit society, industry and the environment.

So six start‑ups, 20 boards and 26 years later, like every good expat I thought it was time to try and take some of what I’d learnt in the US back to Australia and I became the Chief Executive two years ago of the nation’s national science agency. Continue reading

You Call this Innovation? We Need a New Approach to R&D

innoWe all want it!! The need to innovate is at the top of every corporation and every government’s list of things necessary for the creation of opportunity, new industries and jobs. But for all the perpetually appearing, bright and shiny new devices that we refer to as innovations, what are we doing to make innovation itself more efficient, faster and more evenly distributed?

There has been several much talked about  technology launches over the last year, but they were more upgrades than something dramatically new. It prompts a discussion: can we push technological boundaries as rapidly as we once did? While some have perhaps been too pessimistic and are wondering if innovation is even possible in modern consumer tech, or even if we’ve reached peak innovation, what we should be asking is, “how we can innovate better?” Continue reading

Augmented Reality


Video games have been entertaining us for nearly 30 years, ever since Pong and Space Invaders was introduced in our local arcades, but did you know that Augmented Reality will be the next big thing and it’s not just child’s play!

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) most often are mentioned in the same breath, but there are significant differences between the two technologies, even though they also share many similar features.

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#BridgingInnovation: The Role of Third Sector Organizations in Advancing Innovation and Trade Dynamics

Smart firms realize that in order to be competitive in today’s rapidly shifting economic and geopolitical environment, they cannot rest on their laurels. They must be prepared to innovate and explore business opportunities around the globe.

Governments are also coming to terms with the need to ensure that the frameworks for supporting business innovation and trade are in place for long-term economic growth. Beyond business and government, organizations in the so-called “third-sector,” comprised of nonprofits, associations, and universities, also influence the innovation and trade dynamic.

Through the Endeavor Fellowship Program I recently had an opportunity to immerse myself in the innovation and trade conversation in Australia and look specifically at the roles that third-sector organizations, like the American Chamber of Commerce and universities, play in supporting and facilitating the trade and innovation dynamic between the United States and Australia. To explore this, I reviewed reports and media, talked to individuals involved, and attended various events related to the issue.

This is what I discovered:

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Digital Innovation Event with Andrew Penn, CEO Telstra

Andrew Penn

Article by Nicholas Talbert, AmCham Intern

Innovation is an essential strategy for every business seeking to adapt to change and maintain a competitive foothold in its industry. Andrew Penn, CEO of Telstra, will discuss how digital innovation is changing the nature of customer experience, competition and business boundaries at the AmCham event in Melbourne on 19th May. Continue reading

Innovate or be Replaced

“Innovation has to start with a real desire to shape the future and improve the life of the consumer”.. Robbert Rietbroek – CEO, PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

“There are many companies in Australia that take risks and are prepared to fail fast”.. Kate Burleigh – Managing Director, Intel Australia & New Zealand

“In some form or another we all need to be innovators”.. Nick Wilson – Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise South Pacific

“Culture drives innovation in our industry” .. David Gallagher – Chairman & Managing Director, Pfizer Continue reading

Our Mission – Bridging Innovation Between the USA & Australia

On November 8-13, AmCham launched our first Innovation Mission to California, U.S.A. The mission opened in San Diego and culminated in San Francisco.

AmCham Innovation Mission delegation outside Intel

AmCham Innovation Mission delegation outside Intel

Along with senior AmCham leaders, the mission was attended by over 35 delegates from Australia from a broad range of sectors from biotech to defence to government. In the video, some of our delegates such as Geoff Culbert, President and Chief Executive at General Electric Australia & New Zealand, U.S. Ambassador (ret.) Jeffrey L. Bleich, Partner at Munger Tolles & Olson, Zeke Solomon AM, Senior Advisor at Allens, Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO at Sky News Australia, Janet Whiting, Partner at Gilbert + Tobin and Alida Rossi, Director Customer Excellence – ANZ at AbbVie give a debrief on the mission.

With the aim to capture the essence of California’s innovative spirit, delegates brought back what they learnt to their Australian companies. Through this mission, we hope to continue to foster new partnerships and relationships – building an “innovation bridge” between Australia and the US.  By nurturing these kinds of partnerships on our two shores we will strive to create a dynamic business ecosystem. It will be one that is more productive, competitive and, of course, innovative.

If you are interested in reading more on AmCham’s Innovation Mission select this link.

To register your interest for AmCham’s 2016 Innovation Mission please email