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Niels Marquardt CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia has a monthly message regarding the achievements and activities of AmCham Australia.

CEO Message April 2017

Welcome to the April edition of the AmCham CEO Message! I have just returned from Adelaide, where I joined a delegation led by acting U.S. Ambassador James Carouso last week to explore opportunities for doing business in the South Australian market. It was also great to catch up with a number of our fantastic SA members, and I look forward to meeting with even more members when I visit Perth with the U.S. Mission on 15-16 May. Please plan to join me if you can!   Continue reading

CEO Message March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of the AmCham CEO Message! Our focus this month continues to be the investment climate in Australia, which remains under continuing pressure against foreign direct investment (FDI) and the influence of multinationals. The major FDI study we will release with the US Studies Centre later this year aims to balance this narrative, telling a much more detailed story about the many and varied contributions from the two-way investment relationship between Australia and the United States. AmCham’s main intent in commissioning this study is to help maintain Australia’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign investment.  In essence, we keep saying:  Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.  Australia has always depended on FDI for its exceptional prosperity, and that is not about to change.
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CEO Message February 2017

No doubt many of you would have been following the last eventful month in US politics with great interest. The key point to remember – and one that I made on Sky News earlier this month – is that the process of standing up a government in the US is a long one that has only just begun. We anticipate that by the time AmCham returns to Washington on our annual Washington Doorknock in June, there will be more clarity around who will be managing the US-Australia relationship, and how the Trump administration’s agenda will play out. We will also get a clearer picture of the administration’s agenda at AmCham’s “Trump After 100 Days” panel events around the country the week of May 1. Check our website for more details as they emerge! Continue reading

CEO Message January 2017

Welcome to AmCham’s first CEO Message for 2017! Already, there is plenty to talk about with the inauguration of President-elect Trump this Friday. Through his first hundred days and beyond, we at AmCham are here to help your business identify and engage with the opportunities presented by the incoming American administration. Plus, we already have a number of compelling activities planned for the year, both here and abroad. Scroll down to find out more!

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CEO Message December 2016


Season’s Greetings from AmCham!  As the year ends, we look back at 2016 as an incredibly productive year for AmCham Australia. Having moved recently to 48 Hunter Street, Robert Hossary and I are finding that being in the heart of the Sydney CBD has really improved our productivity and our sense of connection to our members here. And in January, AmCham will have a new face in both Queensland and South Australia, as we bid farewell to Robyn and Steve Houghton after more than a decade with AmCham. Let me pause to thank the Houghtons for all they have done to propagate the AmCham spirit in their two states. In Adelaide, that new face belongs to Berni Sewer, and in Brisbane our new General Manager is Alicia Doherty. Both Berni and Alicia bring to their new missions strong connections to both their Australian community and the United States. We are extremely fortunate to have found them both, and I know you will enjoy working with them if you have the chance to do so. Meanwhile, in Perth and Melbourne, AmCham continues to benefit from seasoned leadership under Penelope Williamson and Ray Doyle respectively. All of us and our teams send you our warmest holiday greetings and best wishes for 2017!    Continue reading

CEO Message November 2016

What a week!  Few predicted Donald Trump’s victory – I certainly did not – but now we can all focus on understanding what it will mean for future business between the US and Australia.  I think we can expect the US to continue its strong leadership role in the Asia-Pacific region and that our security alliance will endure and strengthen; please take statements to the contrary with more than a grain of salt!  Continue reading

CEO Message October 2016

There is a lot of news this month!  First of all, after a quarter-century headquartered in The Rocks, AmCham has moved to Sydney’s CBD!  We are now on Level 6 at 48 Hunter Street. A location closer to our members and a facility better able to host in-house events are two of the main reasons for the change.  We will be holding many more events chez nous, and so we look forward to welcoming you all there in the future.  Consul General Val Fowler has kindly agreed to open the new offices with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 27.  We are also pleased to welcome Val warmly to her new life in Sydney with upcoming boardroom lunches in her honour.
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CEO Message September 2016

As the end of the year draws nearer, we at AmCham are truly gearing up for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ratification end game in Washington. Our Trade and Government Committee released AmCham’s TPP Position Paper, which – Inside U.S. Trade reports – calls for a vote to ratify the TPP during the ‘lame-duck session’ of Congress, following the elections on November 8. Right now, the business community needs to be even more energetic in highlighting the benefits of free trade and open markets to business, consumers, unions, and workers. So I invite you to join in making the case for the TPP by contacting your senior executives in the US, and asking them to call on key members of Congress to compel a vote on TPP before the end of 2016. Finally, AmCham is now planning to send another delegation to Washington to knock on doors in Congress after the election to push for TPP ratification. If you are interested in coming with us, please let me know! Continue reading