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Cyber Series – How to manage your company’s Twitter presence

In light of the recent terror attacks in Britain and elsewhere, social media platforms are being put in the spotlight in terms of how they can better monitor the content that their users are posting, as well as how companies can protect themselves. Specifically, Twitter has suspended more than 636,000 of their accounts in violation of promoting terrorism, yet despite deactivating an account, terrorist groups often operate multiple accounts under various aliases. In terms of terrorism, disabling accounts are not the entire solution, only part of it. Another part is putting out counter-narratives which deconstruct radical ideologies and expose flaws in terrorist reasoning. The more sophisticated these counter-narratives are, the more powerful and convincing to the audience.

Separately, Twitter has looked into using artificial intelligence technology to block hate “The social media giant is teaming up with IBM to use its Watson artificial intelligence technology to track and stem abusive messages” the Telegraph wrote. By running an algorithm, it will reduce online harassment. With every new tweet, the machine technology will improve upon its search-and-block feature. Of the tweets in question, those accounts will be identified as engaging in abusive behaviour and can be so much as blocked from Twitter. Continue reading

The Anti-Social Network? How Facebook is using AI to tackle terrorism

With all of the violence around the world recently, social media corporations have been under Facebook-securityparticular scrutiny. Prime Ministers Theresa May of England and Malcolm Turnbull of Australia have come together to compel all social media companies to increase their security measures to combat extremist members. Facebook was targeted as it is a “hotbed for terrorist recruitment, incitement, propaganda and the spreading of radical thinking.”

Facebook has begun working on improving its security technology using artificial intelligence to filter out inappropriate content.

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Are Supermarkets in Trouble Now that Amazon is in The Food Industry?

Yet again, Amazon has carved its path to trail blaze into yet another industry – the food industry – and it only cost them one small fee: US $13.7 billion ($18.1 billion).


For US $42 a share, Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods, gaining control of 431 store fronts in the process. Following the purchase, both Amazon and Wholesupermarkets Foods stock prices increased, while other large retail supermarket chains’ stock prices plummeted. Kroger, the United States’ second-largest general retailer behind Walmart, experienced a 28% drop in stock prices, with more minor drops in stock for Walmart, Target, Publix, and other major food retailers.

But, this is not the first time Amazon has tried to enter the food sector. Amazon already offers “AmazonFresh,” a grocery-delivery service available in select cities to its Prime members, along with a meal-kit delivery service via Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon, called “Martha & Marley.” Amazon has even created cashier-less stop-and-go food stores for its employees, with hopes to open them up to the public one day. So why the uproar at this additional venture in the food industry?

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Cyber Series – Google and YouTube Combat Cyber Terrorism with New Four-Step Plan

cyber youtube 1In the wake of the terror attacks in Manchester and London, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain denounced large social media companies for providing a “safe space” for radical ideologies to spread and flourish.

The Prime Minister is not at all incorrect – social media platforms can and have been a hotbed for terrorist recruitment, incitement, propaganda, and the spread of radical thinking. Social media offers a way for individuals to connect from all over the world, and even in different languages. YouTube, a Google-owned site, is especially problematic as it allows individuals to upload their own videos on the web, oftentimes allowing extremist content. With the increase in terrorist attacks and links to their inspiration from social media, Google recently announced a four-step plan to limit the threat of violent content on its servers. Continue reading

The Future of Ride-Hailing Services

What’s a taxi cab?uber taxis


At the rate our world is going, this will soon be the question of young children everywhere. What was once a government-licensed service, a car with a top light marked “Taxi” that gave you a ride scheduled in advance, has now been replaced with free-standing ride-hailing services, ready to transport you anywhere within minutes with just a few taps on your smartphone. Continue reading

How to Turnaround a Company: 10 tips on fixing a failing business

Could you turnaround a failing business?

Let’s find out:

You’re the CFO of a large public company that – due to self-inflicted cost blowouts –  is now more than a year behind schedule in delivering its biggest project.  Analysts downgrade your company, the share price plummets, and both your client (the government) and the market are mad at you.  Your every public utterance is wrong.  You’ve already lost $600m and now your company could fail.

Oh, and you’ve just been promoted to CEO and told to fix it—fast.  Could you? Continue reading