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Member articles on business practices for Australia and the USA

Secret of the High-Growth Enterprise

Innovative companies are tirelessly looking for better ways to communicate and be more productive. Executives look for ways to drive growth, and managers strive for greater team engagement.growth

This is nothing new. But the tools available for us to do so are, in a big way. Video communications have become largely mainstream. Advancements in technology and circumstances have made this advancement possible, and immense pressure from a new generation of workers have driven it into the majority of companies. Continue reading

Creating Diversity

AmCham Premium member PepsiCo is putting in the effort to empower and inspire itsPepsiCo_interview2-300x241 employees. This effort is displayed in flexible working arrangements and company partnerships with extra initiatives such as Taste of Harmony and International Women’s day. The CEO of PepsiCo ANZ and an AmCham Director, Robbert Rietbroek, said the company is encouraging people “to build their work life around their personal needs.” Continue reading

Expanding your business to the USA? Look no further than New York

FD global ny article

A resurgent New York has recently received several global accolades for foreign companies – both startup’s and scaleup’s.

New York has been developing its position as a global startup ecosystem for well over 10 years. Recognised as the financial capital globally, New York resurgence as a significant startup ecosystem has been driven by capital injection and collaboration across the public, private and government sectors. Today, New York is at the forefront of information and consumer technology, diversity and a behemoth for attracting foreign companies entering the USA market.

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The Importance of Machine Learning

It’s been a few years that machine learning has been used to a large extent for image, textrobot 1 recognition and video. Today however the uses have increased and we see it being used in cyber security, improve medical outcomes and business applications to name a few.  Machine learning today isn’t like any machine learning of the past, because the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to very large data sources over and over again at tremendous speeds – is a recent development and one that is gaining momentum in the science/computer worlds. (1)

Machine learning today makes it  possible to quickly and automatically produce models that can analyse bigger, more complex data. This will also deliver faster, and more accurate results. By building precise models, an organisation has a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities and safer outcomes – or avoiding unknown risks.(2)

Machine learning can be applied in cases where the desired outcome is known called (guided learning), or the data is unknown (unguided learning), or it can be used if learning is the result of interaction between the environment and a model called (reinforcement leaning). (2) Importantly it removes human intervention and becomes machine orientated by thinking all on its own.

So let’s look at who is using machine learning in everyday applications.
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QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk addresses AmCham

Article by Felicity Caldwell, originally published here


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says tourism operators in Queensland’s north do not want any more flights into Cairns.

“Our state is booming in the area of tourism,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“It’s quite ironic that when I travel up to Cairns I have people saying to me, through our aviation attraction fund, ‘don’t send us any more flights at the moment, we actually need more product, we need more hotels built’.”

Ms Palaszczuk made the comments while addressing an American Chamber of Commerce in Australia breakfast on Friday. Continue reading

Opportunities for success in WA

As AmCham General Manager of WA and NT for the past 20 years and convenor of the OTC Australian Trade Missions from WA, it has been a privilege to work with our members to make a difference and provide opportunities for developing  local and overseas  networks, effectively ensuring their success. I am always so proud of the way our members really immerse themselves in every opportunity and where possible share their good fortune with others.

AmCham’s role is to ensure our members are engaged and aware of all the opportunities that we can provide as part of their membership. Continue reading

Reflections on the unequal representation of women in leadership

It is an indisputable fact that women are not equally represented in leadership roles or management positions in Australian companies and governments, not even close. Even in 2016, this is the case in almost all arenas of business and politics and is most certainly a global issue, although Australia even appears to lag in this indicator among developed nations. This flows through to an under-representation of women on boards of directors of Australian public companies. Earlier this year consultant Conrad Liveris found that there were fewer women in CEO and chair roles in ASX 200 companies than there were men named either John, Peter or David in such roles. What an alarming statistic! In this piece we consider whether this under-representation is caused by a failure to recognise that women as much as men are able to achieve and sustain appropriate business outcomes, and conclude that this is a matter that good corporate governance can resolve. Continue reading