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The Internet of Things and what it means for product liability

The phenomenon known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is having a transformative impact on businesses across the globe. While there is no universal definition of the IoT, the term generally refers to the ability of everyday devices to connect to the internet via sensors and gather, exchange or manage data, with little to no human interference — put simply, the IoT is the ability of any device to connect to the internet and/or to other devices. Common examples of IoT devices include:IoT

  • - the smartphone which is able to communicate with other smartphones, vehicles, computers and household appliances;
  • - connected cars;
  • - GPS (Global Positioning System) connectivity;
  • - home security systems;
  • - home electronic devices such as smart televisions and media servers;
  • - home appliances such as smart refrigerators, ovens and laundry machines;
  • - smart home applications like automated lighting and heating;
  • - medical electronics such as pacemakers and heart monitoring implants;
  • - wearable devices such as fitness accessories; and
  • - connected drones.

Arguably, the growth of wireless interconnected technology and in turn, consumers’ increased reliance (and to some extent, dependence) on the ability to receive information immediately has had a two-fold effect on product development. While it has forced manufacturers to think “outside the box” in order to remain competitive in a tech-savvy market, the IoT revolution also introduces a new layer of risk with respect to the security of devices and the potential for physical and financial losses as a result of malfunctions or cyberattacks. Not surprisingly, the escalating potential for damage and the legal ramifications arising out of same is a growing concern for manufacturers and other parties in the supply chain wishing to introduce innovative and technological products into the market.

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The Career Success Equation and Why Women Aren’t Gaining Leadership Roles

The glaring dearth of women in leadership positions, both throughout Australia and the world, has been much documented in recent years, with calls to see the gender gap closed at the top levels of business and government.  Although there has been much discussion, gender parity and diversity are still struggling to be achieved in the workforce. Women are underrepresented in the leadership pipeline and aren’t ascending to leadership roles at the same speed or with the same ruthlessness as their male counterparts. The promotion and development of talent and essential leadership skills for female employees needs to be a business priority of organisations, regardless of size.

Susan Colantuono, as the CEO of Leading Women – one of the world’s premier consulting firms for companies committed to closing the leadership gender gap – recognises and speaks on the importance of developing women leaders at every level. Previous AmCham Women in Leadership events have focused on how in order to accelerate women to the top of the leadership chain, they first need to develop their skills and advance themselves as they move through the pipeline. Continue reading

Helping SME exporters succeed in the US – Efic

This article was written by Tom Tsihlis, State Director for SME – QLD & NT at the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic). 

There’s no doubt that exporting offers an excellent opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to grow and expand sales.

For many SMEs, the United States remains their first export market, with 18 per cent of participants in the 2016 Australia International Business Survey nominating the US as their first and most important overseas market.

This survey also found that SMEs that decide on the United States as their first export market do so because of the strong growth/profit opportunities, low barriers to trade/investment, easy/safe business environment and familiar culture/language.

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The importance of positive leadership

For every great encounter with leadership, we can all recall a less positive experience at some stage in our professional lives or beyond.

On a personal level, a negative relationship with a manager can stifle an employee’s creativity and initiative, at the very time when organisations are crying out for innovative solutions to stay relevant. More broadly, leadership quality can make or break an organisation of any size, whether public, private or not-for-profit. Positive leadership is the enabler that makes it easier to implement new strategies and maximise productivity in the workplace.       Continue reading

QPAC brings the Royal Ballet to Brisbane

One of the greatest dance companies in the world,OTHER DESERT CITIES by Baitz,   Yes The Royal Ballet, will perform exclusively in Brisbane for the 2017 QPAC International Series.

The Royal Ballet, Britain’s flagship ballet company, will perform the Australian premieres of two works, The Winter’s Tale and Woolf Works, from 29 June to 9 July 2017.

QPAC Chief Executive and member of the AmCham Queensland Council of Governors John Kotzas said the International Series engaged in a long-term international creative, cultural, educational and business exchange.

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Networking: It’s not who you know…it’s who knows you!

There was a time when networking meant collecting as many business cards as you could, to build your ‘network’. I remember those days. In fact that was my goal for many years and I felt that I was very successful at it. I had collected many business cards from some very high profile and influential people.

It wasn’t until I tried to actually connect with the people in my ‘network’ that I realised that most of them had no idea who I was. So reality hit hard and fast – I didn’t have a ‘network’, I had a collection of business cards.

That’s when I had my epiphany. It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you.

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AmCham – Connecting People, Building Business

A lot can happen in a humble five minutes, amidst the hustle and bustle of an AmCham networking luncheon – an introduction turned a connection into global commerce. It resulted in a partnership between engimaFIT and FD Global Connections that would facilitate engimaFIT’s very successful launch into the American market.lowres0190

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