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Mon, 31 Jul 2017

How Business Really Works: The Key to Expanding Globally with Bruno Mascart

Article by AmCham
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Have you ever wanted to expand your business overseas? Wondering how you can even start? Find out on this AmCham podcast, where we hear from Bruno Mascart, the Managing Partner of Asia Pacific of Altios International.

A leading global advisory firm focused on international expansion and cross-border investments, Alitos International aids companies expand and invest globally. Throughout the podcast, Bruno mentions how Altios gets to understand each company’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests, in order to best help its expansion to foreign markets.

Prior to working at Altios International, Bruno graduated in food processing and agribusiness and trained as an engineer in France. Through his studies and his travels, Bruno gained valuable experiences and expertise in international trade and business growth, eventually moving to Australia. Bruno credits his expertise in the agribusiness to key partnerships throughout his time in France and Australia.

expanding globally

Bruno Mascart, Managing Partner Asia Pacific of Altios International

Additionally, Bruno is part of a small group of individuals that make up special advisers to the French Foreign Board, nominated for his expertise in international trade and business development. Through his work as an adviser to the board, he hopes to strengthen the relationship between France and Australia.

In this podcast, Bruno breaks down the key to expanding globally for every business. While some businesses require smaller growth, and others much larger growth, Bruno explains how expanding globally is easier with the help of Altios International. However, Bruno also warns that not all expansions are equal – it is essential to fully comprehend the country in which you are expanding to for success.

Listen to the full podcast to gain one-of-a-kind information on expanding globally that you cannot get anywhere else. This knowledge can give you the key steps to taking your business from its locality to foreign markets worldwide.

Podcast Transcription

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