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Thu, 02 Mar 2017

Shifting the paradigm – NSW NEXT: Network for Future Leaders goes back to basics

Article by Amy Selwood
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There is an interesting paradigm within modern workplaces when it comes to young professionals. Millennial workers spend many of their formative years after high school learning about the functional skills and knowledge required to carry out a job in their chosen field – be it through higher education or on-the-job training like an apprenticeship.

As their abilities develop through experience, so too does their industry expertise and many go on to rise through the ranks, until the day comes that they are given a team of people to leadership

And then what?


These days, many of the forums, conferences, training and coaching resources on offer are geared towards experienced workers who have already become leaders. Titles like “How to become a more inspirational leader” or “Get to know your leadership style” often assume some exposure to the leadership domain.

There is a tonne of information out there – just typing the word leadership into Google brings up thousands of pages listing a range of qualities, styles and trends in the leadership space. But often it is hard to relate to theoretical or hypothetical situations without having experience to draw upon.

It makes sense that it would be useful for future leaders to gain access to practical and relevant skills and advice in their early careers, so that they are equipped and ready for the challenges presented to them as leaders.

In 2017, the AmCham NSW NEXT: Network for Future Leaders aims to shift the paradigm, by providing members with a schedule of meaningful and pertinent sessions designed to develop successful leaders before being tasked with the challenge of becoming people managers.

The key theme of the year is fundamentals of leadership – going back to basics in the areas we can start to develop now. We will hear from successful leaders from across a range of industries about their own experiences as well as advice they would give to millennial workers in today’s environment. As always, we will continue to build relationships with other like-minded professionals through networking events and through our online presence on LinkedIn.

If you are new to the workforce, interested in developing your current skill set or just wanting to connect with other young professionals, now is a great time to come along to a NEXT: Network for Future Leaders event.


Don’t forget to register for the upcoming NEXT Network Event on 11 April in Sydney!

AmCham is organising a Networking Event of unparalleled value to the Sydney innovation and start-up community, and to the NEXT generation of Sydney business leadership. Three iconic American firms with substantial presences in Australia – Salesforce, Google, and Cisco – are sending top executives to explain how they can help your community to grow and prosper, and how to access their assistance and expertise.

Whether you’re in the start-up ecosystem or you’re looking for ways to promote yourself as a future leader, AmCham is the hub where you can make that happen! Come join us for drinks and canapés and take the opportunity to network and build your profile. Bring your questions and learn from three great contacts.

This event will be something you will not want to miss!


  • Alex Lynch, Manager, Public Policy and Government Relations, Google Australia
  • Robert Wickham, Regional VP, Innovation & Digital Transformation,; and
  • Malcolm Thornton, Head of Investment ANZ, Cisco Systems

Moderator: James Sullivan, Director of Sales, AT&T Australia/New Zealand


Amy Selwood is Communications Coordinator at Coca-Cola South Pacific , the world’s largest beverage company, and is the Chair of AmCham’s NEXT: Network for Future Leaders Committee in NSW. 

For more insights from AmCham’s wide range of Committees, please click here

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