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New Austrade GM taking relationship with AmCham to new level

Article by Austrade
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AmCham’s relationship with Austrade is poised to enter a new phase following the appointment of David Landers as General Manager for Austrade’s newly formed Division covering the Americas, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Pacific.

Austrade and AmCham have a long association of cooperation, but following other recent changes at Austrade that included an expansion of its US network, Landers has identified several areas where he believes our two organisations could take the relationship to the next level and work more closely to benefit business in both countries.

Raised in Boston, Landers has held senior executive roles in venture capital firm Allen & Buckeridge, start-up management in China, PepsiCo and consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton. A seasoned board director, he has made key contributions on strategic, commercial, governance, risk management, ethics, security, compensation and audit thinking across 18 Australian and US companies.

Having worked at Austrade for the past five years, Landers has served as Division head across regions that cover the entirety of the organisation’s eighty plus offices. This has given him a deep understanding of how Austrade works most effectively with its allies and partners.

On Austrade’s relationship with business chambers like AmCham, Landers is unequivocal:


“Austrade and AmCham fundamentally want the same outcomes – to create the preconditions necessary for accelerating and expanding two-way business success between Australia and the United States. There is immense untapped opportunity for Austrade and AmCham to work in partnership on a more ambitious agenda of trade and investment achievement.” – David Landers

Together with AmCham CEO Niels Marquardt, Landers is seeking to shift from the current collaborative model of engagement to a proactive strategic partnership that will more fully take advantage of our two organisations’ complimentary capabilities and resources.

This new approach has already begun to bear fruit. Austrade and AmCham worked together on Austrade’s Cyber Security mission to the RSA Conference in San Francisco in late February and also partnered on AmCham’s mission in April to the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) being held in Houston, the largest oil and gas sector trade show in the world.

Austrade and AmCham are currently working together on a joint briefing on opportunities for Australian business in the United States to be held on the 30th of March at Austrade’s offices in Sydney. This briefing will headline Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner in the United States, Nicola Watkinson.

Over the past two years Austrade has significantly increased its commitment of resources to the United States market including:

  • The establishment of a new Consulate and Austrade office in Houston, Texas in May 2015, focused on energy, advanced manufacturing services, health and technology;
  • The October 2016 establishment of a new office in Boston, Massachusetts, focused on medical technology and health industry innovation; and,
  • The April 2016 formation of a San Francisco ‘Innovation Landing Pad’ as part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The Austrade teams in these new locations have been hard at work identifying opportunities and producing valuable market insights for Australian business.  Recent examples include the US Cyber Security and Medtech Clusters reports.

In the coming months, Austrade will be releasing further market insights for Australian business on America’s Fintech, Agtech and Edutech industry clusters.

On yet another front Austrade and AmCham are working together to support timely new research and analysis into the US-Australia trade and investment relationship.  The purpose of this work is to highlight Australia’s commercial importance to the US.  To this end Austrade is providing input to the AmCham-US Studies Centre research on US investment into Australia whilst also developing its own complementary piece on Australian business in the US.

As we move forward into 2017, Austrade and AmCham will continue to build on this early work, to support both American and Australian businesses realising the most out of this important bilateral relationship.

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  1. Shaan Tainton

    Dear Austrade,

    Is the Medtech Cluster report available for reading. I’m the head of Business Consulting, Australia at Ipsos.

    We provide market entry research and competitive intelligence services to the Medtech sector.


    Best regards,



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