Apr 2017
Mon, 24 Apr 2017

How Business Really Works: The High Cost of Low Performance with Mark Langley

Article by AmCham
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Mark Langley

On this episode of AmCham’s ‘How Business Really Works’ podcast we discuss the high cost of low performance with our guest Mark Langley, President and CEO, Project Management Institute (PMI).

Mark Langley and Robert Hossary

You will learn how to drive change in your organisation that will increase efficiency, you’ll hear how the trend to find champions in project management in organisations is literally saving millions and capturing value and you’ll discover why the new legislation in the U.S. is a game changer on how projects are being run!

Mark A. Langley leads a loyal and dedicated group of more than 700,000 stakeholders who live and work in nearly every country on Earth. As the chief spokesperson for PMI’s thought leadership and advocacy platform, Mark spends countless hours demonstrating the value of project, program and portfolio management to organization executives, government leaders, and the media.

Mark travels the globe to work directly with practitioners: Institute members, credential holders, and volunteers to advance the profession of project management.

Mark joined PMI in 2002 as director of finance and administration and was promoted shortly thereafter to executive vice president and COO, a role he held until he was named President & CEO in late 2010.

Under Mark’s leadership, PMI’s stakeholder base has grown five-fold and has transitioned from primarily North American to a truly global representation. During that time, PMI has also continued to introduce valuable professional certifications, develop additional global standards and practice guidelines to meet market needs, and deliver value to stakeholders through targeted industry alliances and affiliations.

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