Jul 2017
Fri, 21 Jul 2017

EyeLevel – AmCham Internship Program

Article by AmCham
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What did you take away from AmCham that you would not have gained at another internship? What was the biggest difference between learning about corporate culture in the classroom and experiencing it first-hand?

These are just some of the questions answered in this EyeLevel presentation, which hones in on AmCham’s internship program. 

The goal of this EyeLevel is to provide a resource which programs like Global Academic Ventures, IES, and other similar organisations can use as a reference point when placing prospective students in overseas internships. Additionally, this will be helpful to incoming interns as it will allow you to understand what you will gain out of interning at AmCham and how it will impact your time here, and your future as well. General questions in regards to having an internship, and more specific questions about the AmCham internship program, are featured in this EyeLevel and answered by current and past AmCham interns.

The keynote speaker, Founder and CEO of Global Academic Ventures, Stephen Pattillo, delves into the benefits that a foreign internship can provide.

AmCham has recently partnered with EyeLevel: a custom built, interactive thought leadership platform. The platform showcases a filmed presentation on a topic of strategic importance to your organisation and market. The presentation structure serves five thought provoking questions on the topic with featured responses from industry leaders.

The EyeLevel format enables companies to leverage their brand as well as those of their clients and to present content in a consumer friendly online environment. It also generates an abundance of content to fuel social media activities and drive brand engagement. Please click here to learn more about publishing an EyeLevel for your business.

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