May 2017
Tue, 02 May 2017

CSIRO and Boeing announce $35m research deal

Article by AmCham
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lmAmCham Premium Members CSIRO and Boeing announced a brand new $35 million research agreement, when CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall addressed an American Chamber of Commerce in Australia business briefing in Sydney on Friday.

mdThe five-year deal to develop advanced materials and manufacturing and space science represents Boeing’s largest research and development operation outside of the United States. President of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific and AmCham Chairman, Maureen Dougherty said that over the course of their 28-year relationship, both organisations have invested over $170 million on 190 joint research projects spanning everything from new manufacturing processes to biofuels and software.

The announcement comes just a few months after CSIRO announced its expansion into the US to support new technology and Australian start-ups reaching the US market.

Dr Marshall also remains confident about the outlook for scientific progress in the US, in spite of President Trump’s proposed cuts to key agencies such as NASA, NOAA, and the EPA. Reaffirming the America’s role as CSIRO’s most significant international research partner, telling AmCham’s audience, “The world needs science and the US needs it as much as anyone else does. So I’m optimistic”.


Read more media coverage of the event here: http://www.climatecontrolnews.com.au/news/latest/australia-partners-with-us-and-germany-to-modernise-manufacturing



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