Apr 2017
Thu, 27 Apr 2017

Creating Diversity

Article by Robbert Rietbroek
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AmCham Premium member PepsiCo is putting in the effort to empower and inspire itsPepsiCo_interview2-300x241 employees. This effort is displayed in flexible working arrangements and company partnerships with extra initiatives such as Taste of Harmony and International Women’s day. The CEO of PepsiCo ANZ and an AmCham Director, Robbert Rietbroek, said the company is encouraging people “to build their work life around their personal needs.”

Evidence of this is in PepsiCo ANZ’s paid parental leave, which they just increased from 12 to 16 weeks. Policies like this earned PepsiCo ANZ the title: Employer of Choice for Women. PepsiCo says it is committed to gender equality in the workplace. This is reflected in their senior leadership roles, where women fill over 40 per cent of the positions. Rietbroek attributes the strength of his company to the diversity of his employees; “The inclusive approach PepsiCo uses as the groundwork for its workplace environment has opened us up to wider talent pool.”

Going beyond diversity, PepsiCo has invested in creating a healthy work environment. Its new offices boast private spaces for relaxation, public spaces for easy collaboration, and features such as standing desks to promote more movement during the work day. Rietbroek said, “Our core values are to care for customers, consumers and the world, win with diversity and inclusion and respect others and succeed together.”

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